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Shenzhou Open University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM and Western Medicine Seminars

Shenzhou Open University frequently organizes TCM and Western Medicine seminars. With our program for this season, we hope to offer you a good choice. New developments in TCM, as well as interest in subjects by our participants, motivate us to search for new topics for our seminars. Well-known international doctors, professors and therapists are invited to offer you interesting seminars.

Pediatric Tuina

In this two days’ workshop you will be introduced to Pediatric Tuina, the special techniques, how to use them and when. You will know how to give a full treatment with Tuina to children from the time they are born till 6/7 years old for many different symptoms such as: abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, fever, cough, restlessness, sleep problems, winter colds and many more.

NVA code AT, ZHONG cat. 1, VBAG, NWP, VNT
7th and 8th of November 2019

Systems medicine and early diagnosis in prevention

After the deciphering of the humane genome in 2003, a whole new field opened for medicine. In ascending hierarchy, the metabolome, the proteome  and the genome have become levels to ‘map’ the process of human pathology. Where the higher levels have overarching rules, governing the lower levels.

15th of November 2019

“Red Flags in practice” – part 2

One of the major aims of integration of Western medicine knowledge into the education of practitioners of acupuncture, TCM, tuina etcetera is to recognize possible hazardous conditions in patients, so called red flags. Red flags are signs and symptoms that should alarm the Non-BIG-registered health care professional to refer a patient to the huisarts (GP) or to emergency.

21 november 2019

Acupuncture for dermatological diseases

Dermatological diseases form a common medical problem in the West . In TCM, herbal medicine can be very effective in treating skin diseases. However due to a majority of patients not willing or enable to take herbal medicine, acupuncture knowledge and techniques are needed to reach effective results.

NVA code AT, ZHONG cat.1, VBAG, NWP, VNT
28 and 29 of November  2019

美容针灸讲座 (双语)


NVA code AT, ZHONG cat.1, VBAG, NWP, VNT
7th and 8th of December 2019

Shen and the treatment of psychological disorders

This presentation deals primarily with something which we often see in the clinic, that is, psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety, and phobia.  Patients come to us with various manifestations of their suffering which are not only physical. In Chinese medicine there is an inherent understanding of the body mind and spirit as a single unit, which is directed by the heart and the shen.

12th and  13th of December 2019

Essential points for the diagnosis of Zang Fu Syndromes differentiation

This two days seminar will introduce a simple method to understand and remember the key points of Zang-Fu syndromes differentiation diagnosis. We will discuss the diagnostic strategy on individual clinical cases. All the diagnostic strategies will be illustrated in logic diagrams. This seminar will greatly upgrade the diagnostic ability of participating practitioners.

16 and 17 January 2020

Physical Examination

By now most non-BIG-registered therapists in the Netherlands will have gained or updated their certificate on Western medicine. Knowledge of Western medicine is important to distinguish cases you can handle by yourself from so called red flags. Red flags are cases that need referral to a physician. It is not only in the anamnesis (the medical interview on complaints) where red flags might get clear. Also in physical examination red flags may be found.

30st of January 2020

Dosage Management of Chinese Herbs

After having finished a course of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, most students feel that they have finished an intensive study and have learned a lot. But some new questions arise too when they start to receive their patients. The teacher will present many cases and situations as examples and then give demonstration and explanation of the dosages. In this way she will help the junior herbalists to make the first step in the practice with confidence.

NVA code ATK, ZHONG requested
1 and 2 February 2020

Advanced Scalp acupuncture

This advanced scalp acupuncture workshop will focus on the deep understanding of SA, more SA needling practice and further detailed discussion on some neurological and psychological conditions such as Stroke, MS, Depression, etc. Knowledge of the basic Scalp acupuncture workshop by Dr. Wang or equivalent is mandatory!

NVA code A, ZHONG cat. 1, VBAG, NWP, VNT
13 and 14 February 2020

How to select herbal formulas according to diagnosis?

How do we select the right formula from the thousands of classic formulas? In this 2-days seminarwe will introduce professor Deng’s clinical experience on formula and herbs selection. We will also introduce the clinical experience and academic thought of some famous ancient masters in TCM history.

20 and 21 February 2020

First Aid Course Repeat EHBO (31 March 2020)

Important: This course is only for holders of a `European recognized Red Cross first aid` certificate to keep it valid for another two years. The course reviews all the necessary first aid skills, including the use of CPR and AED.

European Red Cross certificate
31 March 2020

Cosmetic acupuncture (2nd & 3rd of April 2020)

This 2 day workshop will introduce you to the world of cosmetic acupuncture focusing on the theory and the practice.
Cosmetic acupuncture is a safe and interesting alternative for botox and fillers. It has TCM roots and uses a holistic approach to the topic of beauty. After the first day focusing on theory, the second day every participant has to give and get a complete CA-treatment under close supervision. Therefore the number of participants is restricted.

NVA code AT, ZHONG cat.1, VBAG, NWP, VNT
2 & 3 April 2020

First Aid Red Cross Starters Course (21+22 April 2020)

A short First Aid course teaching you all the necessary skills in case of emergency. A First Aid diploma is useful in your daily life and practice and a requirement for certain professional associations.

European Red Cross certificate
21 and 22 April 2020