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STAP subsidy for Basic Medical Knowledge course!

The STAP budget

The Western Medicine course, accredited by CPION, is eligible for the so-called STAP subsidy up to a maximum of €1000.00. It concerns a subsidy from the Dutch government to stimulate the position on the labour market. If you meet the conditions, you can indicate on the registration form when registering for the WM program that you want to follow the program with the STAP budget.

Due to the start date of the program (September 1, 2023), you can only use the registration period that starts on July 3. Your registration at Shenzhou must then be received by us no later than June 12, so that the necessary administration can be processed. You will then receive a STAP ‘proof of registration’ from us on time, which you need on 3 July to apply for the STAP subsidy.

Please note that there is a great deal of interest in the STAP budget and sometimes the government’s budget is used up after a few hours on the day of registration. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to actually get the subsidy.

Not optional

When your STAP subsidy application has been approved, Shenzhou will receive the €1000 subsidy directly from the UWV and settle this with your training costs (so you will not receive the subsidy yourself). On balance, you then pay €1100 to Shenzhou (and the registration fee for new students).

An important condition, however, is that you also complete the course with a diploma or at least 80% attendance. Otherwise, the subsidy will be reversed and reclaimed by the UWV and you will still have to pay the € 1000.00 to Shenzhou yourself. The subsidy is paid directly to Shenzhou as an advance. By agreeing to our payment and cancellation conditions you agree to this.

If you foresee that you will not be able to start or complete the training, you should immediately inform the UWV.

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