Shenzhou Open University of TCM

Shenzhou Open University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our TCM training program

We offer a complete package with practical training so that you can register as therapist at a professional association and start your own clinic after completing the education.

Each TCM education (including Western Medicine) is accredited with 240 EC by SNRO.

Master and PhD program

We are very proud to announce our cooperation with Nanjing University of Chinese medicine (NJUCM ) to develop Master’s and PhD programs for those professionals who have the ambition to deepen their knowledge and expand their clinical experience in all areas of TCM. Read more >

Study requirements

Each TCM education has the following study requirements:

  • Teacher contact study
  • Self study
  • E-learning
  • Clinical apprenticeship
  • Interactive practice
  • Literature study group
  • Portfolio
  • Examination

This means that in addition to the ten teaching weekends per study year, the student needs to spend a substantial time for self-study, (practical) group study and apprenticeship.

Foundations of Chinese medicine

The purpose of Foundations of Chinese medicine is to provide basic knowledge of Chinese Medicine, which is mandatory and sufficient for further study of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Tuina etc. Basic Characteristics of Chinese Medicine, Yin and Yang, Five Elements, Zang Fu Organs, etc.


Aim of the vocational training course in Acupuncture is to prepare future therapists for professional practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This requires insight into both the classical methods of TCM and modern developments and practice.

Herbal Medicine

The purpose of the herbal training course is to educate herbalist-candidates in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCHM), who can independently run a practice and work safely, competently and effectively.


The Tuina course is designed for those who have already completed the study of Foundations of Chinese Medicine and intend to be a Tuina therapist after the training. The emphasis of this course is on the meridians and acupoints, basic training and the practical application of the Tuina manipulations and the treatment of common diseases for both adults and infants.

Foundation of Western Medicine

This intensive training in Western Medicine is designed for students of any kind of complementary medicine to gain a high level of knowledge in anatomy, physiology and pathology. We combine the study of international academic study texts or material with an interactive study structure in class around oral presentations, written theses and current scientific literature.