Accredited courses Chinese medicine

We offer a complete package with practical training so that you can register as therapist at a professional association and start your own clinic after completing the education.

Each TCM education (including Western Medicine) is accredited with 240 EC by SNRO.

Our TCM Training Program

Foundations of Chinese Medicine

1 year

During this course students are taught the basic concepts of traditional Chinese medicine and are introduced to Chinese philosophy which forms the cornerstones of TCM.

This training is compulsory prior to the studies of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine or Tuina.

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2 years

This vocational training course in acupuncture prepares students for their career as acupuncturists at professional level. Students will be introduced to the classical methods of TCM as well as to the modern development of TCM.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

2 years

The herbal medicine class introduces students in the knowledge of Chinese herbs and trains them to run a practice independently as well as to work safely, competently and effectively. 

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2 years

During this course students are taught different techniques and applications of Tuina massage. This ancient technique of manipulation originating from China is applicable to various diseases. A solid knowledge of meridians and acupoints is necessary. Tuina massage is suitable for all adults and works especially well in children. 

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Foundations of Western Medicine

1 year

This intensive training in Western medicine is designed for anyone that is studying physically based complementary medicine in order to gain knowledge in anatomy, physiology and pathology at a professional level.

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More than 29 years of expertise


Internship in Shenzhou clinic

Very experienced teacher team

Study requirements

Each TCM education has the following study requirements. This means that in addition to the ten teaching weekends per study year, the student needs to spend a substantial time for self-study, (practical) group study and apprenticeship.

  • RTeacher contact study
  • RE-learning
  • RInteractive practice
  • RPortfolio
  • RSelf study
  • RClinical apprenticeship
  • RLiterature study group
  • RExamination

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With more than 29 years of teaching experience behind us, we have built an excellent reputation in our field, which the school and alumni can be proud of.