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Open Day - Saturday August 27

Visit our open day to gain insight into our range of exciting study programs. Meet our dean, some lecturers and the study coordinators.

Open Day
Saturday August 27

TCM and Western Medicine Seminars

Shenzhou Open University frequently organizes TCM and Western Medicine seminars. With our program for this season, we hope to offer you a good choice. New developments in TCM, as well as interest in subjects by our participants, motivate us to search for new topics for our seminars. Well-known international doctors, professors and therapists are invited to offer you interesting seminars.

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17 and 18 September 2022

Umberto Mazzanti

Upper limbs Musculoskeletal Pain – AcuOsteo method – physiopathology and treatment by Acupuncture and Osteopathy

Musculoskeletal pain is one of the most frequent reasons for consultation in my own clinic.
In my experience, Acupuncture and Osteopathic medicine are two effective techniques and they are synergistic in treating pain.
Often pain is generically reported to a widespread area of a joint, together with some rigidity and it can be difficult to identify the Acupuncture Channel involved in a musculoskeletal pain.
Osteopathic manipulative treatment’s aim is to bring back joints in their physiological position, reduce pain and limitation of the movement, and help to identify the channel that needs to be treated with Acupuncture.

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24 & 25September 2022

Yifan Yang

TCM Diagnosis and therapies for eye disorders

Eye and vision disorders, either acute or chronic, bring direct stress or chronic discomfort, lead to accidents, frustration and mental tiredness. 

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Seminar Cosmetic Acupuncture  at Shenzhou Open University of TCM

29 & 30 September 2022

Inge Brodöhl

Cosmetic Acupuncture

This 2 day workshop will introduce you to the world of cosmetic acupuncture focusing on the theory and the practice.
Cosmetic acupuncture is a safe and interesting alternative to fillers and other popular, but invasive cosmetic treatments. It has TCM roots and uses a holistic approach to the topic of beauty.
The workshop is divided in two parts.The first day we will learn about the aging and regeneration processes of the skin from a Western medical point of view,including anatomical and physiological aspects explaining the function,aging and regeneration of the skin.

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Seminar TFu’s Subcutaneous Needling Technique - Shenzhou Open University of TCM

15+16 Oktober

Jidong Wu

Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling Technique

Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling ( FSN) is a new acupuncture technique developed by dr. Zhong-hua Fu in the 1990s. This acupuncture technique uses a modified acupuncture needle to stimulate areas near to trigger or Ashi points, so as to treat musculoskeletal and other conditions.

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29 & 30 October 2022

Siti Sukrisno

Acupuncture in Pain Management and the Underlying Idea

Nowadays, there are many development in the approach of acupuncture treatment. The new approach in acupuncture world consider that their new ide in acupuncture as the modern acupuncture that seems not related with the classical one. The purpose of my presentation is to remind people that classical acupuncture (in combination with modern acupuncture) is still up to date and deserve a positive place in acupuncture treatment, especially in pain management for different purpose. I will emphasize how important holistic treatment in pain management in the acupuncture is, by means of treating ‘Qi-deficiency’, together with the local treatment.

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Seminar TCM Diagnosis and therapies for mouth and teeth disorders - Shenzhou Open University of TCM

5 & 6 November 2022

Yifan Yang

TCM Diagnosis and therapies for mouth and teeth disorders  

In the basic education and training of traditional Chinese medicine, the mouth and dental disorders are not included. Dr. Yang will make an introduction of this part in this 2-days seminar. In the practice, it is necessary to have the knowledge and treatment possibilities of stomatology to relieve the suffering of patients so as to reduce the physical discomfort, mental stress and social inconvenience. 

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Acupuncture education /Acupunctuur opleiding: Shenzhou Open University of TCM

05 & 06 November 2022

Portia Barnblatt

Combinations Of Special Acupuncture Treatments for Spinal-Related Diseases & Emotional Disorders

Day-1: Special Acupuncture Treatment For Spinal-Related Diseases; 2: Combinations Of Abdominal Acupuncture With Special Chinese Herbal Formula For Emotional Disorders.

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Seminar Integrative Medicine - Shenzhou Open University of TCM

11 November 2022

Martien Brands

Integrative Medicine, at the crossroads

After discussing on ‘keeping healthy’, we now focus on the potential of combining conventional and complementary medicine in the frame of integrative medicine, as there also the focus is on disease control versus health promotion.

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Seminar Acupuncture treatment for intractable diseases in internal medicine - Shenzhou Open University of TCM

19 & 20 November 2022

Guanhu Yang

Acupuncture treatment for intractable diseases in internal medicine

Dr. Guanhu Yang will teach Acupuncture treatment for intractable diseases in internal medicine (Fibromyogia, IBS, Meniere Syndrome,Diabetes, Myocardial infarction, and Allergic Rhinitis ) base on his 35 years clinic and research experience.

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sad young man with worried stressed face expression and brain melting into lines

1 december 2022

Toine Korthout

Burn Out

Burnout – nowadays you hear a lot about it and it seems to happen to people of all ages and especially the young people.
During this seminar day we focus on stress, in particular from a physiological and pathophysiological point of view. We look at the generation of burnout, especially the millennials (people born between 1980 and 2000).

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