Our Courses

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Educational Requirements (minimum level)

  • Dutch HAVO or MBO-4 diploma
  • A secondary school diploma equivalent to the Dutch HAVO.

Registration is by means of

  • A completed registration form
  • A recent representative portrait photo
  • Copies of diplomas and certificates, and others relevant to the admission.

You can register online.

If you have completed a TCM education elsewhere and would like to transfer credits to Shenzhou Open University of TCM please consult the study coordinators.

Registration costs

Upon your first registration at Shenzhou, registration costs of € 95,- will be charged. You will need to register anew for each academic year but you will only need to pay for the registration costs once.

Registration date

We advise you to register before 15th of July. For registration after this date, please contact the study coordinators to find out if participation is still possible. Depending on the number of registrations, the school reserves the right to a cancel a course or offer it in a following academic year.

Unforeseen changes

Shenzhou Open University of TCM reserves the right to amend the policies.