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Open Evening - Thursday March 25

Practical Training

Basically, during the education students receive case analysis, discussion, acupuncture technique training, Tuina Manipulation practice, etc., in the classroom in different groups after the study of TCM Foundations. Besides students need to fulfill mandatory clinical training.

Based on the variables such as; availability, capacity and number of students who need to do their apprenticeship students of Shenzhou Open University may do their mandatory apprenticeship at Shenzhou clinic. However, students must realize that doing all apprenticeship hours in Shenzhou clinic cannot be guaranteed. In case not all hours can be done at Shenzhou clinic an external apprenticeship is an option. The school has a list with approved external supervisors whom the student can consult, and we search for expansion. Also the student can find an external supervisor and ask for evaluation by the school. Students of Shenzhou Open University may follow external apprenticeship which should be accredited by Shenzhou Open University of TCM in advance.


Education  Practical training Clinical apprenticeship Total (hrs.)
Acupuncture 124 280 404
Herbal Medicine 124 280 404
Tuina therapy 124 280 404