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TCM Seminar by Yifan Yang  |  30 & 31 October 

The history and syndromes of infectious diseases and epidemic diseases in traditional Chinese Medicine

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Foundation of Western Medicine Education

This intensive training in Western medicine is designed for anyone who is studying physically based complementary medicine in order to gain knowledge in anatomy, physiology and pathology at a professional level.

  • RAccredited by SNRO 42,5 EC's
  • RExperienced lecturer team
  • RInteractive Practice groups
  • RApprenticeships in our own clinic

Study duration of 1 year – 42,5 EC’s

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English spoken

The training is given in English.

Tuition fee is
€ 1.950,- 

including exams, Syllabus (except Study books), tea & coffee. Excluding € 95, – registration costs.

Modern medical practice

In addition to anatomy and pathology, the curriculum also includes topics such as medical ethics, health law, pharmacology and psychosocial topics which are in line with modern medical practice.

The education here is characterised by a lively, interactive teaching method. After presenting the theory, work is done in subgroups to consolidate the curriculum. Students give presentations on a chosen subject and they practise with diagnostic skills.

The curriculum is set up according to the so-called PLATO standards, drawn up by Dutch health insurers. These standards are regularly updated to keep in line with the requirements of the professional situation. This programme is accredited by SNRO.


“Students give presentations on a chosen subject and they practice with diagnostic skills”

Meet your teachers

Below is a brief introduction of the teachers of the Acupuncture Course. On the page Teachers and internship supervisors you will find an extensive introduction of all teachers.

Zhi Li

Zhi Li is a psychologist practicing in Amsterdam and Rotterdam region. She works with individuals and groups to promote general mental health and parenting quality for the marginalized groups, especially the Chinese speaking people in the Netherlands and other European countries. She gained her master degree in forensic psychology from Maastricht University.

Toine Korthout

Voltooide de volgende opleidingen: Natuurgeneeskunde aan de Nederlandse Academie voor Natuurgeneeskunde te Hilversum, geneeskunde aan de Medische Faculteit van Rijksuniversiteit Limburg, acupunctuur C-opleiding bij Stichting NAAV Onderwijs met specialisatie Auriculo en Pedagogische didactische bekwaamheid voor hbo-docenten aan Interstudie NDO van Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen.

Be inspired to learn more about what Shenzhou Open University of TCM has to offer and are ready to embrace a new career path in your life.

Practical information about the

Chinese Herbal Medicine Course

Lesson program


  • Medical ethics and the
  • Dutch health care system
  • Basics: Cytology, Embryology and Body tissues
  • Integumentary system; skin
  • Skeleton & Muscles
  • Blood & Immunity
  • Heart & Blood vessels
  • Lungs & Respiration
  • Digestive system
  • Urinary tract
  • Nervous system
  • Endocrine system & Hormones
  • Female and male genital systems, breast diseases, sexually transmitted diseases
  • Nutrition, metabolism & temperature regulation
  • Infectious and parasitic diseases
  • Anamnesis, inspection and physical examination
  • Applied psychology
  • Psychopathology
  • S.O.L.K.
  • Psychopharmaceuticals
  • Medical and psychosocial signals, red flags

Approved by SNRO

The course is approved by SNRO according to PLATO demands. We are a member of the ‘Collectief Geaccrediteerde Opleidingen’ (CGO).


Class Schedule


  • September: 3+4
  • October: 1+2
  • October: 22+23
  • November: 19+20
  • December: 17+18


  • January: 14+15
  • January: Exam
  • February:4+5
  • March: 4+5
  • March: 25+26
  • April: 22+23
  • May: 14+15
  • May: 29 Psych
  • July: Exam

Please note: we plan our courses carefully but unforeseen situations can occur during the study year. Therefore schedules are subject to change. Shenzhou reserves the right to modify the schedule at all times. Courses might be suspended in case the number of registered students is insufficient.

      Study requirements

      Each TCM education has the following study requirements:

      • Teacher contact study
      • Self study
      • E-learning
      • Clinical apprenticeship
      • Interactive practice
      • Literature study group
      • Portfolio
      • Examination

      This means that in addition to the ten teaching weekends per study year, the student needs to spend a substantial time for self-study, (practical) group study and apprenticeship.

        Study material and study books

        Students have to purchase a number of books and for Western Medicine, a mandatory reader. Extended syllabi will be distributed during the course via the student-site.
        Below, only the mandatory study books are listed. After registration you will also receive a list of books which are optional.

        Please do not purchase books from this list before your registration.After your registration our study coordinators will inform you about the most recent list of mandatory books with additional information such as edition and ISBN numbers!

        Anatomy and Physiology:

        • Human Anatomy & Physiology, Elaine N. Marieb & Katja Hoehn
        • Readers, Shenzhou Open University of TCM


        • Reader Psychology, based on the book: Psychology, the Science of Mind and Behaviour (N. Holt, A. Bremner, E. Sutherland, M. Vliek, M. Passer & R. Smith), Shenzhou Open University of TCM


        • Readers, A.C.F.M. Korthout
        • Underwood’s Pathology; A Clinical Approach, Simon S. Cross
        • Mind Maps in Pathology, Peter Dervan
        • Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy, William N. Scott


        All our English and Dutch TCM-programmes have been fully accredited by the independent accreditation organisation SNRO with 200 EC according to the newest higher professional education standards (HBO).

        Together with our SNRO accredited Western Medicine courses this leads to a total of 240 EC. This enables our graduates to operate at a similar level as HBO bachelor graduates in the Dutch health care system as well as being able to give VAT-free health treatments.

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