Our Courses

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Shenzhou Open University of TCM frequently organizes seminars with a broad choice of topics of excellent quality. In case a seminar is also suitable for present students, it will be marked as an Elective Course. All present students will receive discount for those seminars.

New developments in TCM and topics suggested by our participants, motivate us to continually search for new interesting subjects for our seminars. In order to give our students and alumni the opportunity to engage with the newest TCM topics and developments, we often invite well-known doctors and professors coming from China, Europe and the U.S.A.

All our seminars are accredited by the relevant professional associations and are advertised in Dutch TCM magazines and websites under ‘nascholingen’. You can find the seminar programme and status of accreditation at our website www.shenzhou-university.com. If you would like to receive notifications about our upcoming seminars, you can subscribe to our newsletter.