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Academic Year and Length of the Program

As a rule, the academic year starts in September and finishes at the end of June the following year. For some courses however, the starting date is different. The length of the program and a course schedule can be found at the course description.

Class Attendance and Study Load Hours

Since we highly value teacher contact hours, a minimum of 80% of the contact hours is mandatory. A list of attendance of the lectures is recorded. Students who do not meet the required 80% attendance can be refused the exam. In this case, they might be advised to follow the next class for the missed lessons and join for the following year’s exam. We recommend that students spend at least 5 times the teacher contact hours as study load hours to understand and follow the class progress.

Parallel studies

Foundations of Western Medicine course can be combined with the course Foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine or each of the continued TCM education programs as long as the schedule allows it. Students are not allowed to simultaneously follow classes for two academic years of the same course.


Withdrawal & Leave of Absence

Withdrawal before the start of the course

After registration for a course, we count on the registered person to show up for the course. Timely notification of withdrawal of registration is requested, because it influences the decision to start the course, since a minimum number of participants is required.

Withdrawal during the course

In case of withdrawal from a course, the student should notify the study coordinators immediately by means of a letter or e-mail. Several reasons can lead to a withdrawal, for example a change in work, work load or working hours, or a change in the private situation. Also, a student may find the course not meeting expectations. We therefore appreciate a short explanation of the reason of withdrawal. Correspondence regarding the withdrawal is recorded in the student file.

Note: withdrawal from a course may have financial consequences. See “payments and refunds”.
Note: Study results remain valid under the strict condition that the study break does not exceed 3 years. Within the term of 3 years the student may restart the study from the point of the study break. In case a study break exceeds the period of 3 year all previous results are no longer valid and a Challenge Exam should be taken.

Leave of Absence

In case of leave of absence, the student should notify the study coordinator. This can be done by sending an e-mail.