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Tineke van den Barg

Graduated from the Hogeschool Utrecht in 1973 as physiotherapist and in 1983 from the International College of Oriental medicine as acupuncturist (Bsc/Ms). she been a member of NVA from 1984 onwards and since then has started her own TCM practice. She is an experienced teacher in TCM theory and practice as well as in basic medical knowledge. She graduated in Chinese herbs and tuina in 1995 and 1997. In 2001 she participated in an extended TCM training at the International Acupuncture Trainings Centre in Beijing. With the intention to integrate TCM and Western medicine, she followed a 3-year orthomolecular basic course in the Netherlands (specialized in psycho- neuro- immunology) and graduated with a European Master (Spain) in 2008. She has followed courses as well in Bioresonance (2006), Cranio-sacral therapy (2009) and Laser acupuncture (2013).