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Open Day - Saturday May 11, 2024

Visit our open day to gain insight into our range of exciting study programs. Meet our dean, some lecturers and the study coordinators.

Open Day
Saturday May 11, 2024

Jidong Wu

Dr Jidong Wu graduated from the Nanjing Medical School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China and practiced Chinese Medicine at a Nanjing general hospital for four years. In 1986, Dr Wu completed his master’s degree in Medicine from the Shanghai University of TCM, before lecturing at the Nanjing University of TCM. He also completed his doctorate degree in medicine in Nanjing University of TCM. He moved to the England in 1993 and worked as a Senior Lecturer at the Middlesex University for over 20 years. He studied the FSN therapy in 2007 and has been using it in his FSN practice in Cambridge. Since 2010, he has regularly held FSN seminars in the UK and the Europe and received positive feedback from colleagues. He is a Grade III FSN practitioner. He is a vice president of the World Federation of FSN Societies.