Open Day 22 August

View the building, walk around our renovated classrooms, visit the pharmacy and internship clinic. Be welcome!

Open Day 22 August

Watch our video clips of the online open day!

On June 5, Shenzhou Open University organized for the first time a successful open day online! On this page we offer you an impression of the presentations that have taken place. Teachers, study coordinators and students, each tell from their point of view about the study options at Shenzhou Open University of TCM.

If you have any questions after watching the videos, let us know.

Part I, Engels spoken

General introduction to the Open Day and Video impression of the University and its surroundings in the city center of Amsterdam

Introduction to the Dean Dan Tan, and introduction to the educational structure of Shenzhou Open University of TCM.

Introduction to TCM and Acupuncture, by Dr. Jidong Wu.

Introduction to the study of Chinese Herbal Medicine, by Dr. Huijun Shen

Introduction to Tuina therapy techniques, by Dr. Baoshun Shi.

Introduction to the study of Foundations of Western Medicine.

Eugénie van Gaver, student of the final study year Acupuncture, shares her experiences at Shenzhou Open University of TCM.

Some frequently asked questions answered by the study coordinators.

Closing remarks after English introductions by the dean Dan Tan.

Part II, Nederlandstalig

Introductie tot het Nederlandstalige deel van de Open Dag.

Docent Moon Yueh Fong introduceert de Nederlandse vakgroep en vertelt over de stagekliniek.

Karin van Spriel is in 2019 afgestudeerd aan de Nederlandstalige opleiding en vertelt over haar ervaringen als student en over de start van haar eigen praktijk.


We are happy to answer them.

Our full range of training courses are accredited by SNRO at HBO bachelor level with 240 ECs.
(incl. Basic Medical Knowledge 40 EC)

Our TCM Training Program

We offer a complete package with practical training, so that you can register as a therapist at a professional association and start your own clinic after completing the study.

Foundations of Chinese Medicine

1 year 

During this course students are taught the basic concepts of traditional Chinese medicine and are introduced to Chinese philosophy which forms the cornerstones of TCM.

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2 years

This vocational training course in acupuncture prepares students for their career as acupuncturists at professional level. Students will be introduced to the classical methods of TCM as well as to the modern development of TCM.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

2 years

The herbal medicine class introduces students in the knowledge of Chinese herbs and trains them to run a practice independently as well as to work safely, competently and effectively. 

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2 years

During this course students are taught different techniques and applications of Tuina massage. This ancient technique of manipulation originating from China is applicable to various diseases. A solid knowledge of meridians and acupoints is necessary. Tuina massage is suitable for all adults and works especially well in children. 

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Foundations of Western Medicine

1 year / 40 EC's

This intensive training in Western medicine is designed for anyone that is studying physically based complementary medicine in order to gain knowledge in anatomy, physiology and pathology at a professional level.

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Meer informatie over SOU

Met meer dan 29 jaar onderwijservaring achter ons, hebben we een uitstekende reputatie in ons vakgebied opgebouwd, waar zowel de school als de alumni trots op mogen zijn