Open Evening - Thursday March 25

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Open Evening - Thursday March 25

Study books Foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Students have to buy a number of books. Supplementary syllabi, if applicable, may be distributed during the course.

Please do not purchase books from this list before your registration. The study coordinators will inform you after your registration about the most recent list of books with additional information such as edition and ISBN numbers!


Cheng, X. (2010) Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion. 3rd edn. Beijing: Foreign Languages Press. (ISBN 9787119059945)


Maciocia, G. (2015) The Foundations of Chinese medicine: 
A Comprehensive Text.
 3rd edn. London: Churchill Livingstone. (ISBN 9780702052163) 

Mandatory as reference 

Deng, T. (1999) Practical Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 1st edn. London: Churchill Livingstone. (ISBN 9780443045820)

Kaptchuk, T. (2000) The web that has no weaver. 2nd edn. New York: McGraw-Hill Education. (ISBN 9780809228409)

Kirschbaum, B. (2010) Atlas of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis. 2nd edn. Seattle: Eastland Press. (ISBN 9780939616718)

Maciocia, G. (2018) Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine. 2nd edn. London: Churchill Livingstone. (ISBN 9780702044144) 

Ni, M. (1995) The Yellow emperor`s classic of Medicine (Neijing Suwen). 2nd edn. Colorado: Shambhala. (ISBN 9781570620805)