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Dosage Management of Chinese Herbs

Accreditation NVA code ATK, ZHONG requested
Duration Saturday and Sunday from 10 am – 17 pm
Dates 1 and 2 February 2020
Lecturer Dr. Yifan Yang
Address Geldersekade 67, 1011 EK, Amsterdam
Price € 240,- including coffee/tea, student discount (currently inscribed): SOU student 50%, external 35% (limited places available)
Language English
The course is suitable for the following levels of experience:

  1. Entrance level: Herbalist
A maximum of 30 and a minimum of 15 participants are able to attend.

Seminar description:

After having finished a course of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, most students feel that they have finished an intensive study and have learned a lot. But some new questions arise too when they start to receive their patients. – What are the really proper dosages I should prescribe for this patient? There are no dosages mentioned in the book for such a case. – How long I should give this formula to my patient? Is that safe to give it for a long period of time? – Is that good to use the herbs twice a day or better three times a day for this patient? – The patient has insomnia, should I give the herbs to improve sleep in the morning? A new practitioner may have many questions that may not be found in books. One may feel confused and uncertain for years till he can find out the solutions. In the seminar Dosage Management of Chinese Herbs, the teacher will present many cases and situations as examples and then give demonstration and explanation of the dosages. In this way she will help the junior herbalists to make the first step in the practice with confidence. The seminar is especially designed for practitioners who have already finished their course of traditional Chinese herbs and formulas, and also studied the treatment of diseases with herbal formulas.

Outline Dosage Management of Chinese Herbs

1st day

Part I. Prescribing Chinese herbs with a proper dosage, Common dosages of single herbs —- Examples and exercises Exceptions —- Examples and exercises

Part II. Management of dosage of Chinese herbs in practice 1. Dosage variation according to the syndrome —- Examples and exercises 2. Dosage variation according to the course of the treatment—- Examples and exercises

2nd day

3. Dosage variation according to the age of patient—- Examples and exercises

4. Dosage variation in a special period of time or situation—- Examples and exercises

5. Dosage variation according to the season and climate—- Examples and exercises

6. Dosage variation according to constitution, life style and diet—- Examples and exercises

7. Dosage variation according to the medical record of the patient—- Examples and exercises

About the lecturer:

Dr. Yifan Yang Studied Traditional and Modern Medicine at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine from 1977 to 1982 and, after graduation, worked there as a teacher and doctor in the Chinese Herbal Formula department. Besides teaching and practicing, she completed her master’s degree in Chinese Herbal Medicines and Formulae. In 1990, she moved to the Netherlands and now works here in a TCM-clinic. Dr. Yang also lectures on Chinese herbal medicine in colleges in the Netherlands and Belgium.