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New neuroscientific insights explained and application of pain modulation and treatments

Pain, new insights

February 2, 2023
Toine Korthout

Toine Korthout

During this refresher day, new (neuro-scientific) insights will be presented alongside a long-standing ‘tissue damage cable model’ for pain perception. Existing actual knowledge among participants is mobilized before expanding it with new knowledge.
Ready-to-use knowledge about pain, meaning and usefulness of pain, the current definition of pain, the importance of the varying interplay between pain sensation and movement, different forms of pain according to the location of the initial stimulation (with a practical example for each) , physiology of pain, seven different pain models, some aspects of itching, pain modulation and therapeutic aspects, an overview of possible pain treatments and finally applicability of all the foregoing in the individual practice of the seminar participant.

At the end of the course day:
• you can name how pain is defined nowadays
• you can name how (pain) afferent and (motor) efference work together in the changing outcome that is experienced as ‘pain’
• you can name different types of pain classification
• you can name the four different types of pain
• you can name the difference between primary and secondary pain.
• you can name different pain models with their most characteristic element
• you can name the influence of forms of stress on pain
• you can name different forms of pain modulation and treatment
• you can name where the above could be useful within your own therapeutic action

Toine Korthout

Toine Korthout

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Shenzhou student: 15%
External TCM student 5%
(Limited places available for students)
Please see the payment and registration conditions for seminars in the registration form.

Dates & Time
February 2, 2023
10 am – 17 pm (1 hour break)
Shenzhou Open University of TCM
Geldersekade 67, 1011 EK Amsterdam
Levels of experience
  • Acupuncturist, or final year student
  • Therapist with valid MBK (WM) diploma
Number of participants
The minimum number of participants required is 20.