Acupuncture treatment for intractable diseases in internal medicine (Fibromyogia, IBS, Meniere Syndrome,Diabetes, Myocardial infarction, and Allergic Rhinitis )

19 & 20 November 2022
Guanhu Yang

Guanhu Yang

Acupuncture treatment for intractable diseases in internal medicine (Fibromyogia, IBS, Meniere Syndrome,Diabetes, Myocardial infarction, and Allergic Rhinitis )


Lecture summary


The primary symptoms of Fibromyalgia include chronicle, widespread musculoskeletal pain and stiffness. Patients can also experience other symptoms such as sleep disorder, anxiety and fatigue.
There is no quick remedy to cure Fibromyalgia. However, Traditional Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology has been shown effective in treating with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia based on research and clinical studies.


The main pathogenesis of IBS are liver spleen qi disharmony and impairment of transportation in the bowels. One should carefully find the cause based on different symptoms and treat both root and symptoms of the disease. Therefore, treatment for this disease is to smooth the liver, tonify the spleen and regulate the bowels and qi. Besides internal and external use of herbs, acupuncture and Tui Na are also effective. Dietary considerations along with control and psychological therapies are also important.

Ménière’s syndrome

Ménière’s syndrome is mainly caused by Wind, Fire, Phlegm and Deficiency, Deficiency in origin and Excess in superficiality. The affected region is the heart orifice, associated with the organs of liver, spleen, and kidney. Chinese herb and Acupuncture has been shown very effective in treating with this disease.


he etiology and pathogenesis of Diabetes are different and the clinical manifestations vary greatly. The main factors of this disease including diet, excise, emotional or sleep changes. Therefore, acupuncture treatment for this disease is not only to control blood sugar levels, also can help peripheral neuropathy

Exploration and Discovery of Acupuncture for Acute Myocardial Infarction

To introduce how to discover the phenomenon and apply it to acupuncture for MI base on animal research; To introduce the theoretical basis of abdominal acupuncture in the treatment of AMI in TCM; To enumerate the clinical cases of abdominal acupuncture in the treatment of cardiac diseases.

Moderate and Severe Persistent Allergic Rhinitis Treated with Acupoint Application Therapy of the Different Intensity: a Randomized Controlled Trial

This clinic study is focused on the application time. Patients with moderate to severe AR were tested for 2 hours and 6 hours respectively. Testing groups include the ginger patch for 2 hours, the honey patch for 2 hours, and the honey patch for 6 hours. The researchers observed the improvement of patients’ symptoms and quality of life with different application time and intensity. Also will introduce animal research for similar model.

Guanhu Yang

Guanhu Yang

Dr. Guanhu Yang studeerde af aan het Zhejiang College voor Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde (MD) en het Nanjing College voor Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde (MS), en was assistent-professor en gewoon hoogleraar aan de Medische Universiteit van Wenzhou. In 1993 trad Guanhu toe tot de staf van de Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University in Japan, en van daaruit ging hij naar de Kanazawa Medical University voor zijn Ph.D. studie in longherstel. Na voltooiing van zijn Ph.D. zette Dr. Yang zijn onderzoek in de longbiologie voort in het Cincinnati Children's Hospital als postdoc en vervolgens als onderzoekswetenschapper. Tijdens zijn Ph.D studie, opende Dr. Yang de allereerste polikliniek voor acupunctuur in het Fujinoki ziekenhuis en het Sakurai ziekenhuis (6 jaar) in Toyama, Japan. Sinds 2005 runt Dr. Yang twee acupunctuurklinieken in Ohio, VS. Hij is momenteel assistent-professor aan de Ohio University, en voorzitter van het US-China Joint Institute for Acupuncture & Rehabilitation Medicine aan de Wenzhou Medical University. Dr. Yang was ook directeur van de SHI acupunctuurschool, een paar jaar geleden vice-voorzitter van de American TCM Association, en superviseerde het doctoraal programma aan de American Academy of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine en andere 10 medische universiteiten in de wereld. Tijdens zijn carrière publiceerde Dr. Yang 10 boeken en meer dan 70 onderzoeksartikelen (Clinical Research & Application of Acupuncture & Tuina etc) over basisbiologie en traditionele Chinese geneeskunde, en werkte hij als redacteur en reviewer voor tal van gerenommeerde SCI-tijdschriften, zoals Cellular & Molecular Biology en als redactielid van China Acupuncture and Moxibustion. Dr. Yang is ook geassocieerd redacteur voor het International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture. Hij is ook vice-voorzitter van de World Federation of Chinese Medicine digestion Committee.

Shenzhou student: 15%
External TCM student 5%
(Limited places available for students)
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  • NVA AT, Zhong (Cat.1), NWP, LVNT, VBAG
Dates & Time
19 & 20 November 2022
10 am – 17 pm (1 hour break)
Shenzhou Open University of TCM:
Geldersekade 67, 1011 EK Amsterdam
Levels of experience
  • Acupuncturist, or final year student
Number of participants
The number of participants is limited: A minimum of 15 participants are able to attend.

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