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Shenzhou Open University of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Abdominal acupuncture (14-15 March 2019) Volgeboekt – wachtlijst!

Accreditation NVA code AT, ZHONG cat. 1, VBAG
Duration Thursday and Friday from 10 am – 17 pm.
Dates 14 and 15 March 2019, volgeboekt – wachtlijst!
Lecturer Dr. Tianjun Wang
Address Geldersekade 67, 1011 EK, Amsterdam

€ 240,- including coffee/tea


Student discount*:
Shenzhou student: 15%. 
External TCM student 5%
(Limited places available for students) *please see the payment and registration conditions for seminars in the registration form

Language English
The course is suitable for the following levels of experience:

  1. advanced acupuncturist 
  2. acupuncture student last year
The number of participants is limited: A maximum of 30 and a minimum of 15 participants are able to attend.

Seminar description:

Abdominal Acupuncture (AA) was developed in China over the last two decades and is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. It is a new acupuncture technique performed on the stomach. AA system is an innovatory microsystem based on traditional acupuncture meridian theory. AA theory proposes that the Abdominal Meridian System (AMS) with Shenque REN 8 at its center forms the fundamental regulating system of the human body. AA is becoming more popular in China and the West, due to its efficacy in treating chronic, long term conditions such as low back pain, musculoskeletal problems, neurological disorders, dizziness, tension, depression and digestive disorders (amongst others). The areas of influence of the acupoints used in AA are often represented by superimposing a picture of a tortoise over the abdomen, According to AA theory, the depth of needling is significant and will affect the therapeutic outcome. This is a two-day practical interactive workshop that will enable the participants to learn how to integrate abdominal acupuncture into their current clinical practice, gaining an insight into both the theoretical and practical basis for the integration of abdominal acupuncture therapy alongside their own professional discipline. Attending the workshop will enable the participant to develop advanced practical and patient handling skills, new acupuncture techniques and practical non-invasive treatment approaches to use with patients. This abdominal acupuncture workshop will cover the development of abdominal acupuncture theory, the characteristics and advantages and the location of AA. The principle and prescriptions of AA treatment and the needle techniques and cautions of AA will be introduced during the workshop. Finally there are some sample indications case studies. There will be lots of opportunities to practice with the supervising by the lecturer after his demonstration.

About the lecturer:

Dr.Tianjun Wang graduated from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine(NUCM) in 1989 and had worked as a Medical Doctor and Acupuncturist in a Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital,Nanjing, China for 18 years. Dr.T Wang completed his PhD at NUCM, studying and researching Acupuncture in the treatment for depression. Dr.Wang was a clinical supervisor and Vice-professor in NUCM. From 2001 to 2003 he worked as a Lecturer and Acupuncturist in the Mediterranean Regional Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine (MRCTCM), MALTA. Dr.Wang moved to the UK and joined University of East London UK (UEL) as a Lecturer and Practitioner from 2007, then as Director of the Acupuncture Clinic in 2008 and Senior Lecturer in 2009. Dr. Wang currently is a Course Director of Acupuncture CNM and a guest professor of Liaoning University of TCM.