Open Evening - Thursday March 25

Visit our online open evening to gain insight into our range of exciting study programs. Meet - via zoom - our dean, some lecturers and the study coordinators.

Open Evening - Thursday March 25


The educational program of Chinese medicine at Shenzhou Open University of TCM has been accredited by SNRO with 240 EC and also by all related professional associations in the Netherlands including Dutch Association of Acupuncture (NVA), NAAV, ZHONG, VNT, NWP, VTCGN, and FAGT.
We are member of FONG and therefore approved by this organisation.

Our Western Medicine education is accredited by SNRO and meets the newest standards of the PLATO terms. We are also a member of the CGO (Collectief Geaccrediteerde Opleidingen).
In addition Shenzhou Open University of TCM is registered at the Centraal register Kort Beroepsonderwijs (CrKBO) which implies that no VAT is charged on course fee.

Students finishing their studies at Shenzhou Open University of TCM are able to operate at the same level as HBO bachelor studies in health care in the Netherlands, which means giving BTW/VAT free health treatments.

The mission of Shenzhou Open University of TCM

The mission of the Shenzhou Open University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is to educate students in accordance with the highest professional standards; to prepare clinicians to practice patient-centred medicine of the highest standard; and to identify and answer fundamental questions in the mechanisms, prevention and treatment of disease, in health care delivery and in the basic sciences of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine.

The university will ensure diversity of education, trainees, staff and students. We will encourage mutual respect among lecturers, students, staff, trainees and patients and demand high standards of ethical and professional conduct.
The Shenzhou Open University of TCM will achieve (inter)national eminence as an academic institution in undergraduate, and continuing professional education; clinical practice and service; public health and prevention; and responsiveness to its community.

To achieve this, we constantly guard the professional level of all our courses, evaluate, and if necessary, improve the level. During the study year we receive feedback from our teachers and students by means of a questionnaire. We tailor our courses according to both our own high standards and to the standards of the professional associations to ensure continued accreditation of our courses.