Shenzhou Open University of TCM

Shenzhou Open University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Board and Staff


Z.L. Dong

Lecturers and Clinic team

All lecturers at Shenzhou Open University of TCM have a rich experience in both clinical practice and education.  Our lecturers from China hold at minimum a university level qualification, are licensed medical doctors by China’s Ministry of Health and are qualified to teach at university level by the Ministry of Education in China. To ensure the high quality of our education, the lecturers are supported by our administration staff, study coordinators and the clinical training team.

Academic Dean:

Prof. Dr. Dan Tan

Academic Staff:

  • T. van den Barg, Msc
  • Y. Ding, MSc
  • H. Dong
  • M.Y. Fong, MSc
  • T. Korthout, MD
  • X.F. Li, MD
  • Z.Li, MSc
  • R. Mariën
  • C. Qian, CMD
  • T.R. Ren, CMD
  • F. Roosen
  • H.J. Shen, CMD
  • D. Tan,  CMD
  • S.L. Tang, CMD
  • T.J. Tang, CMD
  • M. Tjin-A-Koeng, Drs
  • J.D. Wu, CMD
  • L.Xia, CMD
  • M. Xing, CMD
  • Y. Yang, CMD
  • Z. G. Yang, CMD
  • F.L. Yao, CMD
  • Y.P. Zhu, Phd

Clinic Staff:

  • L.P. Zhao, CMD, Clinic Manager
  • Q.T. Nguyen, CMD
  • X. Yuan, CMD
  • M.A.S. Satjadibrata, MD, CMD
  • P.Z. Zhao, CMD

Study Coordinators:

  • Rob van Hees
  • Moon-Yueh Fong
  • Linlin Zhou
  • Beate Lendt

Interpreters and Reception Desk:

  • Yuni Harnani, Manager
  • Wai Shan Man (Shandy)

Herbal Dispensary:

  • Y.Q. Chen
  • L. Wang
  • L. Yang

Examination Committee:

  • Mr. H.H. Tan – member NAAV
  • Mr. Hans van Brero – member NVA
  • Ms. M. van der Schilt – member ZHONG

Independent mediator:

  • R.N.J.M. Eussen